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For Immediate Release
April 1, 1999

           Winner Records announced today the release on VHS of three historical videos: Mark Naftalin's Blue Monday Party, Volume 1 starring LOWELL FULSON and PERCY MAYFIELD, (Winner 111), Mark Naftalin's Blue Monday Party, Volume 2 starring JOHN LEE HOOKER and CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE, (Winner 112), and and the videodocumentary Percy Mayfield -- Poet Laureate Of The Blues, which also features Mark Naftalin (Winner 113).

           Recorded in 1981 at Mark Naftalin's Blue Monday Party (then a weekly blues event in the San Francisco Bay Area), The Blue Monday Party videos are produced by MICHAEL PRUSSIAN of Chicago.

           Highlights of Volume 1 include Fulson's passionate duet with ESTER JONES, "Night Time Is The Right Time," and Mayfield's swinging "Strange Things Happening." The musicians are DR. WILD WILLIE MOORE (ex-JIMMY McCRACKLIN Blues Blaster saxman), BOBBY MURRAY (guitar), HENRY ODEN (bass), FRED CASEY (drums), and Naftalin (piano).

           On Volume 2 -- a blues summit -- bluesharp master Charlie Musselwhite fronts the band then joins international blues superstar John Lee Hooker (the King of the Boogie). Hooker, Musselwhite and the band smolder together, then get down on the boogie-finale. Featured are Chicago blues legends FRANCIS CLAY (ex-MUDDY WATERS drummer) and LUTHER TUCKER (ex-LITTLE WALTER guitarist), along with Murray, Oden, GARY SILVA (drums), and Naftalin.

           The 1982 videodocumentary Percy Mayfield -- Poet Laureate Of TheBlues is a visit with the singer in his Los Angeles home, where he talks about his life, times and music, and sings his famous compositions -- including a rollicking rendition of his best known song, "Hit The Road Jack." Pianist Mark Naftalin accompanies. Onstage, Mayfield sings "Please Send Me Someone To Love" (his "prayer for peace") and more. The documentary is produced by STARR SUTHERLAND and includes testimonials from RAY CHARLES and B.B. KING.

           All three videos are in color and are timed for half-hour television broadcast.

           In addition to the videos, Winner has released CDs by Percy Mayfield, RON THOMPSON, and the PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND.

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